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Creating great aquatics can be challenging. Swimming pools and their amenities are specialty built items delivering specialty programming. We want aquatics to be enjoyed by as many people, in as many ways as possible. 

HUB Aquatics provides the background and support services to maximize your vision of aquatics features even if you aren’t quite sure how to bring it to reality.

Whether you need support in developing your project, access to a wider network of industry professionals, technical information that is easy to understand, or someone to help protect your interests in the delivery of your project. Our range of services ensure you are in the best position to achieve your goals of highly appealing, enjoyable and operable attractions.

For specialized aquatic consulting, welcome to HUB Aquatics.

Passion For Aquatics

The aquatics industry is unique and constantly evolving. It is largely built on relationships, integrity, and a sense of community. We all share a passion for our industry.

In our consulting programs, clients learn exactly  the critical information of available solutions that will meet their needs. Supported by expert insight, technical knowledge, and creativity, our clients go from taking on unnecessary risk and cost to ensuring sustainable delivery of great recreation.

Creating a successful aquatics facility begins long before a feature is installed. Great swimmer experiences and programs are built on strong project development and project delivery processes.

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Owner Representation

Expert representation, liaising and negotiations.


Design / Specification




On-Demand Consultation

Tap into expert industry insight & advice on an hourly basis.

Aquatic Features

Aquatic Programming

Design, Supply, Installation, O&M Processes

Facility Policy

Project Development Consultation

Discover and explore available feature options that will best meet your needs, ensure all benefits are reproduced in design and technical specification documents. 

Procurement Consultation

Acquire the precise information needed to support strong purchasing processes within your preferred project development methodology.

Project Delivery Consultation

Protect your investments and ensure peak operability.

Operational Phase Consultation

Unlock the full potential of your aquatic facility, identify & resolve risk, manage life-cycle expectations.

Industry Supplier Consultation

Strategizing sales and marketing for more effective engagement and conversion of customers.

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Ryan Jones brings 30 years of international aquatic industry experience to every project. A strong collaborator who understands that the client’s success is paramount. 

Ryan’s experience with, and technical knowledge of, swimming pools and specialty attractions, combined with an intimate understanding of traditional project development and delivery methodologies is a compliment to any team. 

Ryan is a recognized, unbiased industry professional and contributor, laser-focused on listening, learning, and delivering on expectations.

For expert advice and specialized aquatic consulting, consider giving Ryan a call today.

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New Pool Construction / Existing Pool Renovations

Traditional and Pre-Manufactured commercial swimming pool systems.

Pool Features & Amenities

Amenities that create entertainment, sport, and wellness value.

Pool Accessibility and Inclusivity

Dignified and independent pool access.

Spray Parks and Splash Pads

Amenities that create interaction, learning, development, and fun.

Wave Generating Equipment & Surfing Rides

Wave pools, surf pools, surf rides, action rivers, survival wave pools.

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